Food and Beverage

Case Study: Chobani’s Spouted Pouch

At HQC our design capabilities, house processes, and fully integrated manufacturing facility help to prevent design problems, decrease lead times and provide innovative, cost effective solutions for your project. Chobani Savor squeezable Greek yogurt is as a healthier alternative to sour cream. This new spouted pouch design serves as a liquid pouch packaging solution for […]

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Certified vs Compliant: And Why It Matters

“There is an inherent risk for food manufacturers who use packaging vendors that are NOT food safe certified.” -HQC Inc. Food Safe Certification Being compliant is not the same as being certified, and choosing to work with a company who does not have the latter can mean big bucks and brand damaging recalls for your […]

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Icing the Cake of Spouts & Fitments for Flexible Packaging

HQC solves a production challenge with a custom weld spout for frosting DecoPro™ by CSM Bakery Solutions is a ready-to-use cake-decorating bag pre-filled with the company’s popular Brill® buttercrème frostings in an easy, resealable format. The flexible package allows consumers to bypass the cumbersome pail-to-bag frosting method and achieve greater product-portion control.

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Is the Safety of Your Food or Medical Product’s Packaging a Shot in the Dark?

It’s easy enough for a company to slap a photo of someone in a white lab coat onto their website and throw around the term “compliant.” Don’t fall for such deceptions. There are a lot of different variations in phrasing regarding regulation for materials that come in contact with food and medicine, plastics among them. […]

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Food Safety Compliance

Serious about Food Safety  HQC is inspected and approved by multiple third-party auditors Safety really matters when it comes to food and drink. Whether made here in the U.S. or abroad, many products including plastic caps, scoops or closures or pouch fitments/weld spouts are not made with food safety–compliant materials. They are also not manufactured […]

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