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Why Dig for Powdered Product at the Bottom?

HQC’s 8oz powder plastic scoop adapts to container contours for easier access Anyone who’s used 8oz powder plastic scoops before knows the challenge certain ones can pose. In the past, many 8oz plastic scoops have been made with a pointed front end. This allows the powder to flow from the scoop in a small, controlled […]

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Integrating RFID into the Bottling Process

Insert Molded RFID into a High Speed Beverage Application by Erin J. Wolford One of the problems in the beverage bottling industry is that the machinery goes so quickly that a delicate part of the filling equipment often breaks off. By the time the machinery is completely stopped to repair and clean up the equipment, […]

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Flexible Packaging Association Gold Achievement Award 2014

Customized HQC Fitment Design Plays Key Role in Award Winning Package Design Winning a Flexible Packaging Association Gold Award for Packaging Excellence was the Schwan’s Soft Serve Ice Cream pouch featuring HQC’s 28mm fitment.  HQC worked with Schwan’s on a custom modification which added a star shaped pattern to the internal orifice of the pouch […]

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HQC Helps Make Ice Cream a Truly Soft Serve

Innovative ice cream pouch fitment/weld spout a perfect fit for The Schwan Food Company The Schwan Food Company recently launched a new ice cream product in a regional test market. The product is a premade ice cream pouch that provides real “soft serve” ice cream right down to the swirl. Formed in the shape of […]

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