HQC Incorporated designs and injection-molds high-quality custom pouch fitments and closures for flexible packaging. Our fitment customers are some of the largest in the U.S.

Many pouches are single-use items that utilize pouch closures. When a pouch will be used and resealed multiple times, as with liquid drinks, a resealable pouch fitment is installed.

Packaging with custom pouch fitments and closures allows for much lower shipping costs than for standard bottles. Where bottles require great space to transport by truck, the same number of pouches will fit on one pallet. This packaging is also more environmentally friendly.

Custom Pouch Fitments and Closures: Demonstration

Take a moment to view our video showing HQC’s skill with custom pouch fitments.

The highlighted product – a reusable flexible water bottle by Vapur – was designed from part to print in just 13 weeks. We both manufacture and assemble it here at HQC.

Together, HQC and Vapur developed a pouch fitment with diverse features. Technologies such as insert-mold thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) helped create a leak-proof seal in the cap.

Custom Pouch Fitments and Closures: Capabilities

Our pouch fitments are made at a U.S.-based manufacturer, so you decrease the lead times you would otherwise encounter with foreign suppliers. Since HQC manages all design and prototyping, you also don’t have to wait for overseas shipments and correspondence. This saves a lot of time and reduces the chance of miscommunication.

Plus, because we can assemble the product for you, you lower your costs even more.

HQC has taken pouch fitments from prototype in single-cavity tools to multi-cavity tools running 64 cavities at cycles under 10 seconds. You save money while expanding your growth.

In addition to the pouch fitment, we can make the fitment closure/cap, even with tamper-evident bands. This is particularly important to food-product suppliers.

We also recognize the importance of food safety. HQC is a food safety–certified manufacturer.

Our Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) and AIBI certifications establish us as qualified to provide custom fitments and closures for dairy products such as yogurt. Our ISO 13485 certification enables us to produce custom fitments and closures for the medical industry too.

Pouch Fitments and Closures for Flexible Packaging: Contact HQC

HQC customers enjoy premium quality and on-time shipments of products made in the USA. We manufactured more than 500 million custom pouch fitments and closures in 2012 alone.

Contact HQC at 630.820.5550 to discuss what you need for your flexible packaging.

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