HQC began as a precision injecting molding company in September 1987.

Since then, we have grown into a full-service manufacturer of custom closures and medical devices.

During our formative years, we particularly specialized in molded parts for the automotive and appliance industries. Our problem-solving approach to customer service became evident even in our earliest projects. Just one example was our first molded parts for Harley-Davidson. The iconic motorcycle manufacturer had been contending with plastic hinges that were breaking on radio covers. We solved the issue by innovating a way to insert molded brass hinges in place of the plastic ones.

As we continued serving customers, many of them told us of their inability to find an injection molder that could support and consult them beyond injection molding. Some injection molders also worked only with certain materials, limiting their flexibility to serve and problem-solve.

This interaction with customers continued raising our awareness of how we could become a greater resource to them in bringing the most manufacturable and marketable product to their consumers.

Where many companies remained focused on niche specialization, we saw how we could diversify beyond our core capability.

In doing so, we have been able to gain the knowledge, insight and equipment that can support different links in your chain of production. Our understanding of other suppliers’ roles and requirements allows us to help you save money, time and trouble.

Everything we do and develop is inspired and guided by what we have learned from listening to those we serve. That dedication creates enduring, trusting relationships across the manufacturing spectrum. Through the years, more than 90% of HQC sales have come from referrals from nationwide companies that have reached their goals with us.

To this day, when visitors tour HQC, the things they still say the most are how clean our facility is and how surprised they are at the different operations we can perform.  They also mention how engaging and interactive our employees are in greeting them and showing them what they are working on.

We uphold a commitment to safety and quality through third-party inspections and audits as well. HQC maintains Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) certification for food safety, Interstate Milk Shippers (IMS) certification for dairy packaging and ISO 13485 certification for manufacturing medical devices.

Seeing you succeed fuels our desire to improve and innovate further. We will continue to grow and adapt according to what we discover and learn from different markets and from what you share with us about what you want to achieve for yours.