Injection Molding

Injection molding in factoryWhen HQC began more than 30 years ago, our main manufacturing process was plastic injection molding. Since then, our dedication and skill have made us a primary resource for serving diverse markets with processes ranging from standard injection molding to high-speed high-cavitation stack molds. Whether your project involves low-volume engineering plastics or high-volume commodity resins, we serve and solve for the final product you need.

Plastic injection molding has remained a core around which we’ve developed a full-service facility to provide your business innovative, timely and cost-saving production. Whether you are in the personal care, medical, food & beverage, healthcare, industrial or transportation market, we can team with you to design and manufacture the ideal injection molding product for your application.

Today, HQC plastic injection molding includes both pre- and post-molding operations as well as different styles of injection molding such as insert molding, which combines plastic and non-plastic parts, and overmolding, which is often used to combine one plastic part with another.

Because of our resources, your parts don’t have to be packaged and reshipped to have another process done. In addition, beyond access to our diverse manufacturing capabilities, with HQC you have the primary and support equipment to manufacture a large range of products and plastic materials, from commodity resins including post-consumer plastics to high temperature–reinforced resins for accuracy, dimensional stability, and impact- and heat-resistant properties.

HQC has the proper equipment to dry and prepare the raw resins for processing.

This is important because not drying materials can reduce their properties. If you need injection molding for medical products, we are familiar with the sterilization procedures for some medical devices. Both ethylene oxide (ETO) and e-beam radiation are common methods that require specialized materials.

HQC also holds ISO 13485 certification for the manufacture of medical devices, the medical industry’s optimal standard for ensuring all medical devices meet customer needs for safety in medical settings. In addition, we are SQF certified for food safety and IMS (Interstate Milk Shippers) certified for dairy products. These certifications let you know we are tested and audited by a third party that keeps us formally accountable for product safety and quality.

Our support equipment for part removal and press-side assembly operations makes the manufacturing process efficient for you as well. Some products have multiple operations done press side to decrease labor to pack and unpack parts. Because our molding operations run 24 hours each day, we can accommodate any surge capacities you might have. This can add as much as 20% capacity to an existing product line while also helping to decrease tooling costs.

Our molding operations also lower risk by having two separate facilities within one building, including separate electrical feeds and cooling and air systems. This risk mitigation is important, as is sustainability. HQC’s proprietary closed-loop cooling systems filter and treat water in systems that are not open to the environment, and they use less than $3,000 per year in chemical costs. These water systems are third-party monitored for pathogens as well. HQC’s unique schematic is so clean that the water it produces is just as clear as that in swimming pools. This is important to cooling consistency, environmental safety and especially the health of customer-owned tools.

We also ensure optimal care of tooling you supply by assigning personnel whose only focus is preventive maintenance. This adds years of life to the mold, which is the biggest capital expense. Such attention to detail ensures molds and machines are consistent and changes are kept to a minimum.

All of our support and capabilities beyond plastic injection molding allows us to give you valuable options throughout your project.

Our machine sizes range in clamp capacity from 28-ton to 550-ton presses. We also work with molds ranging from small prototypes to molds that exceed 10 tons. Our stack-molds capability can save you time and money as well.

HQC’s Husky injection molding machines provide high-speed, large-volume closure manufacturing. All-electric presses with up to 400-ton clamp capacity add to our efficiency in medical-device manufacturing. Multiple platforms of injection molding machines increase our flexibility in serving you – including having rotary press options for both insert molding and overmolding.

It’s one thing to discuss or hear about HQC’s complete manufacturing facility – it’s another thing to see it for yourself. Many customers are surprised when they see just how much we can do for their product. We welcome the opportunity to walk you through our facility – schedule your tour today!