Flexible Packaging

HQC’s problem-solving and standardization add to better finished product. You’re producing a flexible-packaging product but running into obstacles. Maybe the packaging film isn’t right, the fitment isn’t inserting correctly or you’re having issues with flexible-packaging printing.

HQC’s expertise goes far past the design and manufacture of pouch fitments. We are creative and versatile problem-solvers for bringing your best flexible-packaging product to market. We are also leaders of safety and consistency in an arena where quality standards remain an issue.

HQC works with flexible-packaging companies throughout the pouch-making process to ensure efficient production. Whether working with film producers, fillers or brand owners, we help you avoid issues that can surface later and cost you more.

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Various different parts closures availableLeverage Our Knowledge and Testing

Versatility is vital in a flexible-packaging industry that’s growing and changing. With many years of hands-on experience, HQC performs rigorous testing that reveals what works and what doesn’t with pouch fitments and flexible packages. This lets you make strategic adjustments at the right point in production.

We also can advise you on how pouch fitments will relate to different packaging films. Because we have fully automated insertion machines for testing, we can vary the process to determine which fitment and packaging film will combine for the best sealing strength. This can cut your cost of insertion as well.

Increase Your Pouch Fitment IQ

Flexible-packaging suppliers often don’t have access to resources that will make them smarter about pouch fitments and the inserting process. As a result, they learn the hard way – through trial and error during production.

HQC enjoys teaching flexible-packaging companies the basics about fitments and insertion. We educate your personnel in areas such as fitment terminology, film and fitment testing, and fitment-insertion equipment. This knowledge prepares them to prevent product-quality issues and produce a package that succeeds.

Produce with Higher Standards

A big challenge facing flexible-packaging manufacturers is unsafe and unpredictable components from overseas suppliers. U.S.-based HQC maintains strict specifications for quality and consistency of pouch fitments. We’re a driving force in standardizing what’s required for a flexible-packaging product that will excel in the market. Plus, we use only materials and colorants approved by the FDA for safety and consistency.

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Make Full Use of What’s Possible

Flexible packaging’s rapid growth is still redefining what can be done. Because we’ve been creating pouch fitments since 2003, we’ve experienced and learned from the changes that have brought flexible packaging to where it is today.

Devoted to research and development, HQC is always exploring possibilities in an industry still blazing new ground. We use and test different pouch fitment materials beyond the standard ones such as polyethylene. We design pouch fitments that interact with the pouch and the consumer in original ways. HQC also creates fitments that do more than just open and close, as well as ones that let pouches be resealed for use.

Perfect Your Product with Prototypes

Having a sample is valuable. It allows marketing and manufacturing personnel to discuss a product’s pros and cons well before it enters production and advances to market. HQC can make a complete, shaped prototype pouch including printed packaging film and an inserted fitment so you can assess it. This greatly enhances pre-production toward a superior finished flexible package.

Profit from Our Partnership

Your collaboration with HQC results in fresh ideas, inventive solutions and consistent quality for your products. In turn, your customers know what to expect from you and develop greater loyalty to your brand.

We are here to serve and support your goals. Contact us at (630) 820-5550 to further discuss what we can achieve for your flexible packaging.

Flexible packaging lidsWhat is flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging is a package or container that can change shape when filled and sealed – e.g. bags, pouches, envelopes. It is made of materials that easily yield, such as paper, plastic, film or foil.

The flexible packaging industry is one of the packaging profession’s fastest-growing sectors as it continues to shift from rigid packaging to more efficient alternatives. Just a few advantages of flexible packaging include greater current technologies, lower costs, less material used, better branding and a wider range of shapes and sizes.

HQC is innovative resource for flexible packaging companies, suppliers and manufacturers. Our expertise includes advising on the optimal use of flexible packaging printing and films.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our flexible packaging can enhance your food, cosmetic, personal care or nutraceutical product.

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