Food and Beverage

HQC’s range provides much more than premium dispensing caps and closures and pouch fitments

The food and beverage industry involves large volumes of packaging with dispensing caps and closures and pouch fitments. These quantities often turn caps, closures and fitments for food and beverages into a commodity. With HQC, you can make them a product-specific asset that contains costs, satisfies customers and achieves high safety standards.

Tap into Our Cross-Applied Knowledge and Experience

Injection molding is just part of what we offer your business. HQC also helps you solve production challenges and expand what’s possible for your product. Our background in different industries allows us to innovate in ways many food and beverage packaging manufacturers haven’t considered, including for items such as vials and canisters.

Because we work with both flexible and rigid packaging, as well as diverse professions such as medical, we can cross-pollinate approaches and technologies to generate innovative ideas for your product.

Sealed food containers

Reinforce Your Packaging Safety: SQF Level 3, ISO 13485, IMS Certification

Many plastic food containers and packaging are not made with food safety-compliant materials. They are also not manufactured in facilities audited for food safety by professional organizations. To prevent public risk and commercial liability, brand owners need to work with food-safe facilities for their food and beverage packaging.

HQC is evaluated and approved by third-party inspectors for food and beverage packaging safety compliance. Our credentials include:

  • the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute’s Level 3 rating, its highest for both food safety and quality management requirements (the same level expected of food and beverage packaging companies)
  • ISO 13485 certification for medical devices from two separate auditing firms (skill in medical-packaging safety with lateral application to food and beverage packaging safety)
  • certification as a manufacturer of dispensing caps & closures and weld spouts for milk and milk products on the FDA’s Interstate Milk Shippers List

Explore, Perfect and Produce Your Packaging Concept

Whether you’re working with a new design or enhancing an existing one, we can create detailed artist’s renderings and review them with you in large-format presentations. This lets you analyze how your current product will serve the consumer.

HQC can produce a prototype for you as well. Our onsite modeling helps reduce your evaluation process from days to hours. You can also assess the sample with both marketing staff and other research/development personnel.

We are equally useful and versatile when it’s time for production. If you require a large volume of dispensing closures and cost is a factor, we can apply high-speed equipment such as stack tools for efficiency. If you need precision for lower volumes, our specialists can complete your components using our small-and-mid-sized equipment.

By handling your projects from concept to production, we help you control your costs and introduce your product with greater speed. Our quality ratings and standards also ensure a premium product through decreased down time, which we know is important to you. A superior product speaks highly of your company culture and staff.

We’re ready to serve and assist you. Contact us at (630) 820-5550 to further discuss our advantages for food and beverage packaging manufacturers, in addition to our expertise in food and beverage packaging safety. We also invite you to visit us so you can see for yourself just how diverse our solutions are – and how they can work for you. Be sure to inquire about a plant tour when you call.

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