Personal Care

HQC provides the ideas and solutions that connect with your customers and keep you current with the times

Personal Care Products on store shelf Today’s personal care market is seeing a growing demand for gender-specific products such as shampoos, conditioners, body washes, shaving creams, lotions/moisturizers, and face masks and peels.

For that reason, HQC pays close attention to the word ‘personal.’ It is key to this manufacturing sector because consumers require a close, immediate connection with the product and package. The item must directly relate to how they think and feel and want to look.

To instantly convey desired benefits, a personal care container needs to be highly visual. It must attract while promising confidence. It also has to show innovation and offer optimal functionality, including from its pouch fitment/weld spout or custom closure.

How your customers perceive your product in these ways will determine if they buy it.

Break Away from Typical Form

At HQC, we remain ever aware that the stock closure market is mature. Many stock closures for personal care containers are decades old in design: They don’t adapt to today’s customer-usage demands.

This can create hurdles for some personal care manufacturers, because the market shifts even more readily than others such as food & beverage and medical devices. Many companies recognize the need to update a product every three or four years.

The first step to success in personal care is adjusting to its dynamics. That is why HQC devotes great resources to understanding personal care consumers and how products will engage them.

Our innovation and knowledge in closures for personal care plastic containers transform a me-too product into something more vibrant and contemporary with attractive shapes and contours. HQC’s custom closures infuse your packaging with fresh features that connect with your audience while identifying your item as different.

As a growing business in full support of yours, we will help you make smart, creative, strategic decisions for personal care plastic packaging that singles out your brand.

Optimize Your Personal Care Plastic Packaging

Well beyond skilled injection-molding, HQC offers you the advantage of experience in multiple markets, which gives us greater range in creating your product.

We are dual certified with ISO 13485 for medical devices and Safe Quality Food (SQF) Institute Level 3 for food, the institute’s highest rating and the one it expects of food and beverage packaging companies.

In addition, we are a certified manufacturer of dispensing caps & closures and weld spouts for milk and milk products on the FDA’s Interstate Milk Shippers List. Combined, our certifications make us highly proficient in safe materials and systems.

HQC also provides you with in-house design, engineering and 3-D modeling for inventive personal care plastic packaging. We develop many new closures and package-format ideas for middle-market companies, which are always aiming to make market inroads with original products.

Your leverage with us further includes value-added procedures such as soft touch, a two-part over-molding process. We first mold a harder material in one press. We then place the product in another press for a softer material to be molded on top of it.

Our resources and skills result in safe, imaginative and appealing personal care plastic containers with stronger consumer connections and quicker speeds to your market.

Achieve Creative Solutions for Your Personal Care Plastic Packaging

HQC welcomes the opportunity to solve your challenges and upgrade the packaging for your personal care plastic containers. Examples abound in which we help a product clear a perceived hurdle to a winning market performance.

In one case involving custom dispensing closures for flexible packaging, a customer needed a new orifice for a pouch fitment/weld spout. The current orifice was too large, allowing contents to spill out. It was also becoming more cost prohibitive.

HQC created an affordable flexible pouch fitment/weld spout with an exact-size orifice that integrated perfectly with the packaging and kept all contents inside.

In another case concerning custom closures, the customer required a more distinctive product: original personal care plastic packaging with a closure that wasn’t just another standard stock item.

HQC developed a closure unlike any other on the retail shelf. The packaging now presents a singular style with the company’s name embossed on it, making it stand out to customers.

Separate Your Product Starting Now

We are here to help you enhance and problem-solve your personal care containers, as well as create a custom design for your personal care plastic packaging. Contact us at (630) 820-5550 to discuss the next product you want to improve.

We also know the value of seeing and experiencing solutions in motion for yourself, as well as connecting with the people behind them. You are always welcome at our plant. Please call us anytime to arrange a tour of our facility.