Closure Manufacturing

Most closure manufacturers specialize in only one or two types of closures. At HQC, we see the value in offering our customers a broader range of plastic caps and closures to help enhance and market their products. We continually invest in multiple types of machinery, secondary equipment and the technical resources needed to offer you various types of plastic caps and closures that are unique and innovative!

HQC Incorporated specializes in plastic caps and closure manufacturing. We manufacture a wide variety of high-quality plastic caps and closures. Our closure manufacturing products include simple continuous thread closures, multi-functioning dispensing closures, and everything in between.


When you choose HQC for your plastic closure manufacturing needs, we want you to have options!

We have the capabilities to manufacture multiple materials on various pieces of equipment. We provide countless value-added services as to not restrict our customers’ choices. We offer more flexibility and customization far beyond stock closures. HQC can take your conceptual ideas and turn them into fully manufacturable closures, while enhancing for design and keeping costs in mind.

Being one of the few custom closure manufacturers, and also having a proprietary line of closures, means we can build on our experience to help provide you with the most cost-effective solutions.

HQC also offers custom laser engraving and embossed plastic caps and closure manufacturing for brand identification. Our customers can choose to go with a 100% custom design, or let us suggest a hybrid solution to customize a current product within our offering. Hybridized options are created through either tooling modifications or multiple secondary operations as a compromise between a 100% custom option and stock product. We take great pride in being able to offer you both stock closures as well as additional innovative closure options.

HQC currently makes closures for personal care, food, medical including specialized materials for sterilization, industrial and consumer goods. We have both the equipment and the knowledge to do ALL types of plastic closure manufacturing, including medical and food. HQC is ISO 13485 certified for medical devices, as well as SQF certified for food safety.

Ultimately, your closure is the first experience that the end consumer has with your product!

Don’t let poor plastic closure manufacturing ruin that first impression. Unscrewing a closure or opening a cap can either be a great user experience or a frustrating one. HQC can help you avoid broken dispensing cap hinges, or help to optimize the number of times your consumer will have to turn a continuous thread closure- ensuring that the user experience is satisfactory.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our closure manufacturing can enhance your food, cosmetic, personal care or nutraceutical product.

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