Continuous Thread (CT) Custom Closures

HQC Incorporated manufactures high-quality continuous thread (CT) custom closures for application with food, cosmetic, personal care and nutraceutical products. These larger cap openings allow easier access to the product in the container.

We are a major provider of CT closures for body building’s whey protein market in particular. HQC offers custom colors for all CT closures as well.


Bottle cap

The Answer to CT Closure Challenges

Food, Cosmetic, Personal Care & Nutraceutical Products

A common issue with CT closures is that different companies make bottles for them. Many of the caps do not have consistent quality. This in turn creates fit problems.

The ensure quality and consistency for your business, HQC follows an exacting internal verification process. We check the production of our CT custom cloures regularly. We also track plastic shrinkage through long-term studies. This keeps us aware of tolerance changes over time.

HQC’s state-of-the-art shrinkage-measuring system ensures an excellent fit for use with food, cosmetic, personal care and nutraceutical products.

We are further held to a high standard through audits including for food product safety and medical devices (ISO 13485). We are certified as interstate milk shippers as well.

The Right Range of Sizes

Food, Cosmetic, Personal Care & Nutraceutical Products

HQC’s diversity of CT closure sizes allows you to cap many kinds of products.

In addition to 89mm, 110m and 120mm smooth wall closures in custom colors, we make the only 135mm closure. This cap lets bigger hands reach into the bottle.

The 135mm caps’ larger size also gives you ample space to advertise. We designed the caps to be in-mold labeled, meaning you can mold picture-type graphics – including bar codes and QR codes – into them.

Because we are the one producer of the 135mm closure, only a few manufacturers create bottles to match it. New bottles are however now being developed to allow a product with an opening larger than the standard 120mm.

Various different caps

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our CT custom colors can enhance your food, cosmetic, personal care or nutraceutical product.
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