Plastic Scoops

Plastic scoops were once used mainly in items not meant for ingestion, such as powdered detergents. Today, manufacturers include them with consumable products ranging from powdered drinks to spices and sugar. If not created correctly, plastic scoops can compromise their safety and quality.

Plastic Scoop Manufacturing Challenges

Plastic scoops that are not manufactured with the right controls may present several different issues, especially for bulk food and beverage products.

One complication is what’s known as excess “flash,” or plastic sticking out or hanging off from the scoop. This surplus is small and light enough to separate from the scoop when it scrapes the bottom of a container. Even if the scoop is made of FDA-approved material, it can create a concern with ingestible items.

Some plastic scoops might also have little, sharp edges and points that can injure skin. Others might have bent or flimsy handles – aside from supplying poor quality, these handles can jam scoop-insertion equipment on automated assembly lines.

Plastic Scoops

Plastic Scoop Manufacturer Solutions

HQC Incorporated solves safety and quality challenges with innovative, cost-effective plastic scoop manufacturing. We offer the tools, ideas, systems and facility for scoops that complement the perfection of your product.

One example of our invention with scoops is an 8oz rounded-spout scoop with contours that match the bottom of containers and bottles. This allows fuller and easier access to the food or liquid item. The rounded-spout scoop is also ideal for products delivered in pouches, as it won’t poke through the pouch as pointed-spout scoops can do.

Our automation becomes an asset as well. Mass production now calls for mechanized assembly instead of hand insertion of scoops, so consistency is key. HQC’s highly efficient plastic scoop manufacturing ensures uniform straight handles and scoop ovality, as well as no excess flash, which beyond contaminating products interferes with robotic assembly grippers that won’t recognize its tolerance.

Safe Scoops Made in America

HQC plastic scoops are manufactured in a U.S. facility that is third-party audited for compliance with both food safety (NSF International) and standards for producing medical devices (ISO 13485). We meet all FDA requirements for scoop materials and colorants used with food, beverage and medical products.

Our internal systems also allow you to thoroughly track production, and we can provide certificates of conformance. You know and can verify everything about how your plastic scoops are made and what they’re made from.

Custom Scoops That Build Your Brand

Your plastic scoops are an extension of your company image. A cheap or compromised scoop can tarnish brand perceptions.

Customers clearly want quality. They are also drawn to products with their own original style. As a specialized plastic scoop manufacturer, HQC creates scoops that express and further establish your identity.

We collaborate closely with you on the function and design of custom plastic scoops that provide user value and brand equity. HQC scoops are available as 70cc, 73cc, 77cc, 90cc, 94cc, 4oz, 5oz and 8oz, and even more are being developed. Standard colors are natural, white and black. You can request custom colors and logos as well.

Plastic Scoop Manufacturing for Food, Beverage and More

HQC plastic scoops are popular for food and beverage products such as protein powder, iced tea, coffee, malts, baby formula and pet food.

Common non-food applications include garden seeds, chemical dosing, pool chemicals, casting materials, lawn care products, detergents and dish soaps.

We are always expanding our ideas and capabilities to both serve you now and predict what you’ll need later. With us, you design, produce and deliver product excellence.

Contact us at (630) 820-5550 to discover more about plastic scoop manufacturing that reinforces quality, safety and branding.