Custom Designed Closures

Custom closure caps HQC Incorporated is a custom closures manufacturer with a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning various types of custom plastic closures for different markets and industries. HQC manufactures many kinds of plastic closures including continuous thread (CT), flip top, friction fit, disk top, hinged, snap on and many more!

We offer you much more than just stock closures. We also assist you with resources from design and tooling to support equipment for developing custom closures.

HQC’s capabilities include closure manufacturing along with the flexibility to use different materials in various processes, as well as experience with multiple closure designs. We run diverse material types for specialty closures such as those for the medical device industry, in which additives are used to enhance the product’s performance and materials are included to resist degradation from radiation sterilization. Where larger commodity-closure manufacturers are limited to certain grades of materials and ranges of manufacturing equipment, HQC can do it all!

Put our skills to work for you

If you have a distinctive package, you may want to modify the plastic closures for your products rather than include a stock closure. As part of your end users’ interaction with the package, a new plastic closure can have a great impact on their response to it.

Put our skills to work for you in designing an innovative custom plastic closure that draws from our knowledge of multiple platforms and applications to combine features and benefits for your product.

Because we understand the nuances of custom plastic closures, we can help you determine factors such the sealing type, the liner or even the plug seal you might need to create a fully functioning custom closure. We can also discuss with you whether your product requires in-molded design and labeling or post-production work such as engraving.

Beyond influencing the end-user experience, HQC custom plastic closures can play a big role in production costs and lead times. When commodity closures are in high demand, lead times on stock plastic closures can stretch to 26 weeks or longer. With HQC, you can create a custom mold made specifically for your company, owned by your company and used only for your closures. This lets you customize your mold’s texture or add brand identifiers. Because HQC will run only your parts on the mold, you’ll never run into excessive lead times! We put you in charge of your deliveries rather than into a crowded schedule with delays.

Quality control on your behalf is vital to us.

HQC is SQF certified for food safety, ISO 13 485 certified for medical devices and IMS (Interstate Milk Shipper) certified for dairy products.

Working with HQC gives you access to cross-industry skill and experience that can fuse ideas for arriving at the ideal, most cost-effective custom closure. Connect with us to create a custom closure that results in brand recognition on shelves, separation from the competition and an exceptional user experience.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our custom designed closures can enhance your food, cosmetic, personal care or nutraceutical product.

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