Prototype Pouches

With the flexible packaging industry growing rapidly, and spouted pouches or squeeze pouch packaging increasing in popularity with consumers, our customers are looking for more and more alternatives to what is currently being produced. Because the industry is also relatively new, customers look to HQC for not only our guidance and knowledge but also consistency and higher standards.

Most companies have more experience with rigid packaging and thus are unfamiliar with the complexities of flexible packaging and prototype pouches.

Some important aspects of developing spouted pouches are:

  1. Customer involvement
  2. Pouch contents for proper film selection
  3. Supply chain involvement

It is crucial that we work together in the beginning stages when developing the design for your spouted pouches.

Having prototype pouches made is a small investment compared to making more costly changes during the production processes and films.

This is why during the prototype phase is it important to get everyone within supply chain involved so that all parties are reviewing the prototype, asking questions and making suggestions. At HQC, we partner with a pouch manufacturer specific to the type of product that is going into the spouted pouch (ie food, personal care, industrial etc). We work with them so that as the project shifts from the prototype phase into the production stage, we have the necessary people within the supply chain ready to go.

A finished production pouch combines films, adhesives and spouts with a closure of the proper sealing type to contain and dispense the pouch contents. Prototype pouches with spouts are used for samples and marketing purposes. They may not have the exact strength that production pouches would have, but they help to give customers something tangible to review and refine. Ultimately, this helps them to identify items in their squeeze pouch packaging that may have been forgotten or overlooked within the design phase, before going into production.

HQC has also helped our customers by providing brand owners with specific prototype pouches for which they can conduct consumer testing. These test groups help our customers to verify if the spouted pouches will increase consumer awareness and usability.

Our internal capabilities to cut shaped pouches with our plotter cutter, also decreases time and replicates die cutting in the production process. These prototypes help our customers to set sizing of the pouch for shelf appeal and display optimization. It also allows for a product with multiple skus to be grouped as they would be when they are consumer facing. This capability gives your team the ability to adjust in order to maximize shelf appeal!

Since HQC has both automatic and semi-automatic weld spout inserting equipment, we can cut the lead time for samples drastically.

We have over 13 different sets of fitment tooling which allows us to insert various seal bases. HQC has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to film and fitment compatibility. We can also use a stock HDPE or PP materials to weld the conceptual fitment in the pouch, which leads to a more robust sample. HQC can shape the pouches, insert fitments and have them digitally printed for you. So no more waiting a month for prototypes of your squeeze pouch packaging!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our prototype pouches can enhance your food, cosmetic, personal care or nutraceutical product.

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