Product pouch assortmentMany companies have a plastic-product concept, idea or innovation, and what they need is further support to make it a successful reality. Companies come to HQC because they see what we do and what we can produce for custom plastic products. HQC engineering takes your ideas and shares what needs to be done to make it manufacturable. Our customers also appreciate how we can often draw from our skill and experience in different markets to add unique features to the concept.

Engineering support begins as a conversation with you that really gets into the how and why of your product or sample. We will discuss vital aspects such as the mold, material, processing and secondary operations (if needed) so we can advise you on how to prevent problems as well as how to evolve the product.

HQC engineering is a relationship that allows you to define and carry out:

  • the end-use requirements of your product, system or device
  • product development to achieve those end-use requirements
  • product design to refine the product, process and design for manufacturing
  • best practices for quality assurance, process validation and continuous improvement
  • material selection to optimize cost, recyclability, reusability and environmental impact

Partner With Us

HQC’s onsite 3D modeling also becomes a big time-saver when it’s time to make decisions and create an actual part to review and adjust until a final design is achieved. In addition, we can hold virtual meetings and share screens with you to help guide you to the acceptable product you need.

When you partner with us for your product, you can see for yourself the many ways we have served customers during the last 30 years. We keep a vast archive of custom product samples that can show you first-hand how we’ve solved different customer challenges. Beyond viewing what is possible for your product, you might be inspired with new ideas!

We have helped many companies that have experience in their markets but not a background in designing for plastics or manufacturing. They may not know what can be done or what other options are available to them. Collaborating with us at this stage can lead to innovations and new products or products that better serve your end user than the current ones do.