Spouted Pouches


HQC innovation prepares you for top performance in flexible packaging

Spouted Pouch photoA spouted pouch is a re-closable pouch with a weld spout or a pouch fitment attached to it. Spouted pouches allow packaged contents to be partially used and then conveniently resealed and protected for future use.

A spouted pouch can take many forms, such as a plastic fitment that is either heat or ultrasonically sealed into the seam or panel of the pouch. It could also be a continuation of the film outside the perimeter seams that can be sealed yet cut off to allow the contents to pour out.

Spouted pouches offer more spill control, better use of shelf space and greater product distinction through creative designs and formats. They are also safer to transport than glass bottles. The size and form of the spout pouch can be customized as well.

For these reasons, spout pouch packaging is popular for items such as liquids, sauces, pastes, powders, beverages, cleaning agents and loose bulk materials.

Spouted Pouches Manufacturer

A leader in flexible-packaging solutions, HQC enjoys helping customers during the design and decision phases of spout pouch packaging. Familiar with each step of the process, we understand the vital nuances of different films, pouch designs and printing options. We also offer thorough knowledge of dispensing closures and how procedural steps interact.

For a single package to protect your product, all components must fit together just right. Moving from pouch creation to product on the shelf requires multiple suppliers to work together and understand each other’s requirements, including quality needs, testing and marketing concerns, such as food safety. Involving HQC from film creation through co-packing helps you prevent mistakes, ask the right questions and quicken your time to market.

New products are put into flexible packages every day, so creating your spout pouch prototype is important in your decision-making. Options such as stand-up pouches, box-bottom pouches or even the simple pillow pouch with custom shapes can make your package both functional and appealing.

Having samples of your ideas also can position you for greater success. HQC can now produce a sample of your product so you can test it with consumers, brand owners and other decision-makers. Handling and looking at the sample increases confidence in the pouch and fitment chosen for the product inside.

Spouted-pouch samples let you determine what consumers like and dislike before you proceed with production. Brand owners can ensure their target consumers will have a positive experience with the package. The film manufacturer, converter, printer and fitment inserter can consider the product as well – a big benefit. How many times has a project been stopped because a detail was missed? Having these samples up front helps prevent manufacturing issues and inspire new ideas not possible without the samples.

Flexible Packaging

The flexible-packaging process is still evolving rapidly. HQC and its partnering companies have been the force behind some of the latest innovations. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can enhance your flexible packaging. Sharing our knowledge with you is the first step in creating a successful spouted pouch for your project.

As an inventive spout pouch manufacturer, HQC provides original, consistent and reliable products and processes. With us, your business can implement new designs and materials while proving their compatibility. Contact us at (630) 820-5550 to learn more about our capabilities with spouted pouch packaging.