Custom Dispensing Solutions

At HQC, our team has a thorough understanding of the entire manufacturing process and are able to fully integrate ourselves as part of the complete package. This means that we can effectively collaborate with your internal teams, as well as 3rd party manufacturers. Our experience with fillers, bottle manufacturers etc. allows us to design a custom dispensing closure that meets the needs, design functionality and aesthetic of the bottle or product container.

Bottle caps

When building custom dispensing caps and closures, you are designing, building, manufacturing and testing something that has never been done before. It is truly one of a kind! Because of their uniqueness, dispensing closures manufacturers should be asking questions that not only help with design but that cover costs and project deadlines.

Questions like:

  • What are the mold and equipment budgets?
  • What are the annual volumes for both mold size and part costs?
  • Is the volume high enough to require a stack mold?
  • Will in mold closing be required?
  • Will it have engraving or be post decorated using laser engraving?

These are a few of many questions that we will help guide you through. This process also allows us to give additional options or suggestions.

At HQC Incorporated, we know how imperative the answers to these questions are and we have the expertise to execute in all areas. Our knowledge and proficiency, coupled with our medical device (ISO 13 485) and food safety (SQF) certifications, mean that you can rest assured when it comes to inspections, testing and prevention of manufacturing problems.

Custom dispensing caps and closures require a much more elevated skill level as it relates to their design, mold building, and the manufacturing of dispensing closures. HQC Incorporated has all of the experience and knowledge of larger dispensing closures manufacturers, but with a more hands-on, detail oriented approach.

We know that a custom dispensing closure is more than just the outside of the part. In fact, custom dispensing caps and closures include the color, the shape of the part, as well as how your product dispenses, and all of these directly affect the end consumer’s experience with your product.

Consumers do not want to fight a closure that is hard to open. Subsequently, they also do not want a hinge that breaks, or cap that opens too easily and may cause spillage. HQC’s design and engineering process will help to ensure that we find a perfect balance between the two when creating your dispensing closures. Our staff will guide you through these variables at the beginning of the concept design phase. Choosing to work with HQC means leveraging our experience and knowledge to prevent as many issues as possible, saving you time and money!

At HQC we know that material choice is just as important to a closure’s design.

Additives can affect both the release of the part, as well as the closing and reopening of the lid. Because we know that the opening needed force to open the lid will change over time, we conduct quality testing both during the initial process as well as months later to establish the correlation over time.

The dispensing closure you choose for your product not only affects the end user, but also your company as well. For instance, choosing a custom dispensing closure can save you money simply in the way it attaches to your bottle. Likewise, something as seemingly simple as choosing a snap fit cap, instead of a screw on closure, can save time and provide additional features and benefits..

HQC Incorporated has extensive experience in design support, both in the product and the molds, as well as the equipment needed to produce dispensing closures. Our expertise allows us to create a seamless experience from design to engineering to production.

We currently run a gamut of dispensing caps and closures for high volume, fortune 500 companies, as well as smaller volumes consisting of more intricate caps and closures designs.

When you work with HQC Incorporated on your custom dispensing caps and closures, you’re also working closely with our management teams and stakeholders.

This provides an elevated level of aptitude and attention to detail, while giving you a higher sense of confidence throughout the entire process.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our custom dispensing solutions can enhance your food, cosmetic, personal care or nutraceutical product.

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