Concept Review

Pouch fitment concept review
Both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies in diverse markets have turned to HQC because they need problem-solving from a custom manufacturer with a complete range of ideas and procedures for working with different designs.

Concept reviews are normally the first and most important step of a project. This is where you and HQC must really understand what the product is and how it will be manufactured, as well as how it will be filled or assembled if needed.

A concept can be vastly different from a designed part. Concepts are unproven ideas that have often not yet been tested or tried. This requires a true commitment from your company to prove it out to the best of your ability and resources. This can mean taking manufactured prototypes and using them in real-world testing situations. Some concepts are less complicated while others might need a year or more to arrive at working prototypes and validated, viable product(s).

With concept development, time really is money. For both you and HQC, it takes time to shape thoughts into tangible drawings and 3D models, work toward prototype parts and have what is needed for any post- and pre-manufacturing requirements.

Concept Review

Patience is vital as well. Concept review is a development process – one that depends on detailed conversations to develop and test a reliable quality product that will be successful in how it is used.

Together with us, you’ll explore important questions such as why you came up with this concept. Is it because what is currently available is inferior? If so, what makes your product better? If your concept is totally new, why does your market need it, and what problems does it solve? We will also help you determine which design and materials will be best for your product’s cost and performance within its limits and expectations.

We’ll discuss everyone involved in your product’s supply chain as well – they are valuable in helping to prevent possible issues. With their expert input, we can make something that is also acceptable for them. When you, your supply chain and HQC communicate openly in sharing specializations, we lay the foundation for a successful product.

The concept is yours – you know it better than anyone, and we are here to serve in making it a reality. With our highly diversified manufacturing knowledge and experience, we can serve your team as a valuable partner you can depend on.

If you are interested in a concept review for your plastic part, the following are main points to keep in mind

  • Developing, testing and proving a concept takes time, patience and communication. Beyond producing the part, success involves what the expectations of it will be, how it will be used and what it will be measured against.
  • Making product drawings is the easy part – it’s making and testing the product that can be costly if the product is entirely new.
  • If the concept is an improvement of an existing product, it will still need development but it will have known standards and expectations for comparison.
  • Information is vital – no detail is too small in your discussions with us.
  • Prototypes play a crucial role in establishing manufacturability for a real-world proof of concept.