Case Study: Chobani’s Spouted Pouch

Food and Beverage

At HQC our design capabilities, house processes, and fully integrated manufacturing facility help to prevent design problems, decrease lead times and provide innovative, cost effective solutions for your project.

Chobani Spouted PouchChobani Savor squeezable Greek yogurt is as a healthier alternative to sour cream. This new spouted pouch design serves as a liquid pouch packaging solution for topping foods like baked potatoes, tacos, soups and more! This concept is a functional and innovative alternate to the rigid plastic tubs on the market today.

­­Both consumers and top grocers, including Kroger, Publix and Meijer, see the benefits of this liquid pouch with spout design. The packaging was developed during a complex project involving multiple vendors from film, pouch design, spout design, filling and manufacturing. Every single component and piece of equipment, except for one, was a new and custom solution! This meant that all designs had to function together properly while meeting food and dairy safety requirements, such as SQF and interstate milk shippers (IMS) standards.

First, weld spout concepts were brought to HQC for review. Next, our team designed multiple options to connect a food packaging pouch to the fitment and then the fitment to the closure. This included designs to benefit fitment inserting, product filling and capping equipment.

HQC has extensive knowledge of both film selections and closure design. Our expertise in ultra-sonic welding and weld spout inserting is unmatched. Leveraging all of HQC’s aforementioned skills, a fitment design was created to satisfy spout pouch project needs all around. HQC was involved in everything from the film manufacturing to the filling and all the way through to the capping processes.

HQC can take your project from napkin sketch, to manufacturable renderings to 3D model in no time! From selection, to design, to manufacturing, HQC is a fully integrated company. We have a complete understanding of all processes involved to create custom and innovative design solutions just like we did for Chobani’s spouted pouch design.

Sketch to 3D Model