Food Safety Compliance

Food and Beverage

 HQC is inspected and approved by multiple third-party auditors

Safety really matters when it comes to food and drink. Whether made here in the U.S. or abroad, many products including plastic caps, scoops or closures or pouch fitments/weld spouts are not made with food safety–compliant materials. They are also not manufactured in facilities audited for food safety by professional organizations such as AIB International, the SQF Institute and the Illinois Department of Public Health.

All HQC facilities and processes are inspected, evaluated and approved by third-party auditors for FDA compliance concerning the safety of plastic materials used with food and drink. In addition to food safety–compliance certificates, HQC has ISO 13485 certification signifying that we meet the requirements for a comprehensive quality management system for the manufacture of medical devices and related services.

If a manufacturer of plastic caps, scoops and closures and pouch fitments/weld spouts does not have these credentials, you’re simply not sure your items are safe. Products from China in particular have made news because of the discovery of toxic materials within them. Bisphenol A (BPA) and heavy metals used in colorants likewise remain a concern. A large recall or an unfavorable audit because of potential safety hazards can be damaging. HQC’s scrutinized safety measures help you remove potential liability.

HQC can provide process documentation and a certificate of conformance for all parts manufactured in our third party–audited facility. The certificate verifies the materials used in your plastic caps, scoops and closures and pouch fitments/weld spouts comply with standard FDA and food safety guidelines. This becomes especially valuable to producers of protein powders packaged with plastic scoops and closures.

Food safety is too important to risk the inclusion of wide-spec or unregulated materials that anyone can purchase on the open market. By strictly adhering to food safety standards, HQC keeps the cap sealed tight on quality – and your peace of mind.

Contact us at (630) 820-5550 to find out more about our manufacture of FDA- and food safety–compliant plastic caps, scoops and closures and pouch fitments/weld spouts.

HQC is also a certified manufacturer of caps and closures for milk and milk products on the FDA’s Interstate Milk Shippers List.