HQC Helps Make Ice Cream a Truly Soft Serve

Food and Beverage

Innovative ice cream pouch fitment/weld spout a perfect fit for The Schwan Food Company

The Schwan Food Company recently launched a new ice cream product in a regional test market. The product is a premade ice cream pouch that provides real “soft serve” ice cream right down to the swirl.

Formed in the shape of an ice cream cone, the portable pouch includes a laminated structure with a custom 28mm finish and a modified stock fitment/weld spout manufactured by HQC.

Schwan approached HQC seeking the specialized pouch fitment/weld spout for its product. HQC used in-house 3D modeling to present different iterations.

They reviewed the drawings and selected the concepts they believed would be most popular with both the ice cream profession and its consumers. HQC printed them out and sent them to Schwan, who then narrowed them down to two ideas.

At this point, while Schwan didn’t yet have an ice cream pouch shape, they could place pouch fitments/weld spouts into sample pouches to test how the pouch fitments/weld spouts would look and function.

Together, Schwan and HQC finalized the component design within two months. The concept was ready for use with product-filled pouches for testing with consumers.

While Schwan was gauging the market, HQC prepared for efficient turnaround when Schwan would need to manufacture and assemble the complete final product. HQC’s planning ensured that everything from tooling to caps to automation was prepared for Schwan’s regional test in summer 2013.

HQC can provide the same innovation and efficiency for yogurt pouches and whipped cream pouches. Contact us at (630) 820-5550 to find out how we can customize a pouch fitment/weld spout solution for you.