Why Dig for Powdered Product at the Bottom?

Food and Beverage

HQC’s 8oz powder plastic scoop adapts to container contours for easier access

Anyone who’s used 8oz powder plastic scoops before knows the challenge certain ones can pose. In the past, many 8oz plastic scoops have been made with a pointed front end. This allows the powder to flow from the scoop in a small, controlled stream.

That design’s problem reveals itself once the powdered product nears the bottom of the bottle or container, especially one with a rounded bottom. In addition to having limited access to the bottom, the pointed end pushes the powdered product around the sides of the scoop. The only way to get to the product is to shake it out.

HQC’s innovative, new 8oz plastic scoop features a rounded front-end design that matches the contour of bottle and container bottoms. Users can now scoop out powdered product right down to the last few grains. The 8oz scoop can be customized in different designs and colors for a distinctive appearance as well.

Manufactured in a food safety–certified, third party–audited U.S. facility, our 8oz plastic scoops meet FDA requirements for scoop materials and colorants. Our internal systems ensure thorough tracking of production, and we can provide certificates of conformance. You know and can verify everything about how your plastic scoops are made and what they’re made from.

Plastic Scoops

HQC’s 8oz plastic scoops provide perfect applications for protein powder drinks such as whey protein, as well as for powdered or granulated food/drink items such as spices, salt, sugar and coffee.

Other popular uses include pet food, garden seeds, lawn care products, pool chemicals and laundry detergents.

Our rounded scoops are also available in 70cc, 73cc, 77cc, 90cc, 94cc, 4oz and 5oz sizes, and even more are being developed.

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