Plastic Scoops

Plastic scoops were once used mainly in items not meant for ingestion, such as powdered detergents. Today, manufacturers include them with consumable products ranging from… Read More

Prototype Pouches

With the flexible packaging industry growing rapidly, and spouted pouches or squeeze pouch packaging increasing in popularity with consumers, our customers are looking for more… Read More

Pouch Fitment and Inserting

Pouch fitment and inserting is a crucial part of custom and flexible packaging, yet there are notably very low standards for flexible pouch fitment inserting… Read More

Fitment and Pouch Testing

Fitment pouch testing is an imperative part of the of the overall pouch fitment and inserting process. Over the years, there has been little to… Read More

Flexible Packaging

HQC’s problem-solving and standardization add to better finished product. You’re producing a flexible-packaging product but running into obstacles. Maybe the packaging film isn’t right, the fitment… Read More

Custom Dispensing Solutions

At HQC, our team has a thorough understanding of the entire manufacturing process and are able to fully integrate ourselves as part of the complete… Read More

Custom Designed Closures

HQC Incorporated is a custom closures manufacturer with a wealth of knowledge and experience spanning various types of custom plastic closures for different markets and… Read More

Closure Manufacturing

Most closure manufacturers specialize in only one or two types of closures. At HQC, we see the value in offering our customers a broader range… Read More

Continuous Thread (CT) Custom Closures

HQC Incorporated manufactures high-quality continuous thread (CT) custom closures for application with food, cosmetic, personal care and nutraceutical products. These larger cap openings allow easier… Read More