Injection Molding

Recycled Materials for Injection Molding

Why They’re Not Always “Friendly” to Production Using recycled materials in plastics remains a focus of protecting resources and the environment. However, although recycled plastic benefits applications in different sectors, including it for injection molding can create manufacturing and product-quality challenges. As specialists in sustainable injection molding, HQC offers customers extensive knowledge of working with […]

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Improving Your Products: Take Advantage of Talc-Filled Polypropylene

HQC serves you with molding, ideas and solutions for plastics with fillers and additives HQC works extensively with products containing polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer in items such as injection-molded parts, packaging and containers. Because it is a commodity plastic with low weight and density, its uses can remain limited without plastic fillers and additives […]

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Stack Your Molds and Double Production

 HQC injection molding with stack tools lowers costs, increases capacity for high-volume plastic closures If you produce medical devices, food products or health/beauty items, certain times of year or a spike in demand might prompt a surge in high-volume closures to meet your requirements. Although parts are bought with a piece-part price, that price is […]

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