Stack Your Molds and Double Production

Injection Molding

 HQC injection molding with stack tools lowers costs, increases capacity for high-volume plastic closures

If you produce medical devices, food products or health/beauty items, certain times of year or a spike in demand might prompt a surge in high-volume closures to meet your requirements. Although parts are bought with a piece-part price, that price is a formula of an hourly machine rate. The more parts you produce in an hour, the lower your cost.

HQC injection molding features stack molds that let you produce more parts per hour and reduce your per-piece price. For example, a regular mold might include 24 cavities to make 24 parts every 12 seconds. With HQC stack molds, you can produce 48 parts during the same machine time. You double your output with potentially substantial savings. We can also run just about any size and type of injection-molded cap or closure.

A key to your success is our Husky injection-molding systems set up for injection molding with stack tools. Depending on the product, a typical HQC stack mold contains 48 to 64 cavities. Depending on the part size, our stack tools can produce up to 128 parts per cycle. Our systems can run 24/7 as well.

HQC’s facility is specially designed for production with stack tools, including the infrastructure and cooling needed for the Husky injection-molding machines. Designed in-house, our proprietary cooling system allows us to use less water – and fewer chemicals in the water – running through the molds. Plus, our facility is third-party audited for compliance with both food safety (NSF International) and standards for producing medical devices (ISO 13485).

Time and money matter in the production of high-volume closures. Contact us at (630) 820-5550 for more details about our stack molds including Husky stack-mold systems.