Creating Ways to Fit Your Product


HQC still expanding its range of continuous thread (CT) closures

 Nearly a decade ago, a business was starting to run into issues with the manufacturing and quality of its vendor’s thread-on deep-skirted closures for large-format blow-molded jars, jugs and canisters. The business was even at risk of halting production.

HQC received the opportunity to help them out of a jam. We built closure molds and lining-assembly equipment that produced products beyond their expectations. The business has since then grown into a market leader. HQC has likewise become one of its most vital suppliers, as well as a major supplier of customized closures for other industries.

Since our success with that initial deep-skirted closure project, we have refined production and quality even further while expanding the product line. Multiple molds now exist for each size, allowing us to respond quickly to what a customer needs.

All HQC continuous thread closures are available with or without liner. We offer a variety of torque-activated and induction lining materials, including some that are stocked. We can also assist with your liner selection at potentially significant savings.

HQC closure designs feature internal gating, which makes for a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance. You’ll really notice this if labels are used. The pack-off adds a nice touch too: All caps are stack-packed in poly bags, minimizing abrasion during shipping and simplifying removal for loading onto filling lines.

Color is important as well. We offer both multiple stock colors and expedited custom color matching.

HQC’s CT closure products now consist of:

§  89mm
Deep-skirt and short-skirt designs
Smooth wall, gloss finish
Ribbed wall, gloss or matte finish – with stack ring
In-mold label (IML) capabilities, including the coordination of graphics, printing and supply 

§  120mm
Deep-skirt design, gloss finish
Stack-ring feature 

§  135mm
Newest design fits wide-mouth canisters and jugs, which are becoming popular in the market

 Watch for even more new CT closures from HQC with applications in industries such as:

§  Nutraceuticals / nutrition supplements / vitamins

§  Agriculture

§  Food and beverage – retail and foodservice

§  Pet food

§  Home care

§  Personal care

 You can solve production challenges. Contact us at (630) 820-5550 to discover how we can make a CT closure that fits just right for you.