Stock Supply Chain Has Limitations in Times of Crisis

An economic downturn can have a grave impact on your business, especially if your logistics network and product manufacturing lines are hinged upon stock products. HQC Incorporated offers an imperative solution during this time of crisis, and can help you to protect your business from future supply-chain disruptors as well. If you’re still buying a […]

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Sustainable Materials for Pouch Fitments / Weld Spouts

Recently a customer asked, “Can you make fitments from sustainable materials?” Our answer based on our research, is yes we can. We have been testing two different 100% recycled materials for moldability and inserting compatibility, an industrial grade and the other EcoPrime resin from Envision Plastics. Envision Plastics has been extremely supportive in this research. […]

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First Step in Weld Spout Inserting

There are many reasons to learn about spouted pouches. You may be considering spouted pouches for your product or to explore if inserting fitments as a new capability for your company. Learning about fitment inserting can also help if you’re having issues with a spouted pouch and want a better understanding of the process.

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Pouch Manufacturing Transferred from Overseas to the U.S.A.

ZiEn has introduced flexible packages and pouches in a market that bottles typically dominate. For this innovative transition to flexible packaging to be successful, it has to be well thought out and supported by customers and vendors alike. Steve Zimmerman, owner of ZiEn Products, believes to be truly innovating in your business it’s important to […]

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Pressure Washer Pump Saver & Conditioner Pouch

ZIEn, Inc. of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and HQC Inc. of Oswego Illinois co developed a unique patent pending weld spout/pouch fitment. ZIEn, Inc. is both a producer of Eco-friendly products and a co-packer, for major brands in the small engine and outdoor power equipment industry. Manufacturers find it advantageous to include items like motor oil and […]

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