Pressure Washer Pump Saver & Conditioner Pouch


ZIEn, Inc. of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and HQC Inc. of Oswego Illinois co developed a unique patent pending weld spout/pouch fitment. ZIEn, Inc. is both a producer of Eco-friendly products and a co-packer, for major brands in the small engine and outdoor power equipment industry.

Manufacturers find it advantageous to include items like motor oil and pressure washer pump saver & conditioner with their products. By including these items, manufacturers hope to prevent damage and additional expense to products from consumers forgetting to purchase necessary or incorrect items.

Steve Zimmerman of ZIEn, Inc. considers flexible packaging as an Eco-friendly and economical solution to standard packaging. Flexible packaging can be cost effective while providing safer and more environmentally friendly benefits.

ZIEn, Inc. contacted HQC, a manufacturer of custom fitments/weld spouts. HQC is capable to manufacture shaped prototype pouches along with various designs of pouch fitments. This allows for innovative and unique weld spout/ pouch fitments to be inserted (not glued) into the pouch, creating working samples to prove out the product design(s). The sample pouches with fitments can include colored graphics required for marketing. The best design is verified and fitment tooling is constructed. During this part of the process HQC was able to refer ZIEn, Inc. to companies that have experience to supply the proper film, converting and capable of fitment inserting. Customers choose which supplier best fits their needs. Since HQC works with many companies in all markets, they can help direct the customer to companies with experience in specific markets.

HQC currently is testing 100% recycled material to further ZIEn’s quest to make a product that is also better for the environment. Stay tuned and be ready for new and inventive products as entrepreneurs like Steve Zimmerman, along with companies like HQC bring more concepts to reality.

For more information on pouch fitments, testing fitments to films, sample pouches or to learn and have a better understanding of these processes please contact HQC at or call 630-820-5550 and ask for information regarding pouch fitments and other flexible packaging capabilities.