Make the Most of Different Pouch Materials


HQC innovation, testing and research achieve function and compatibility for wide-ranging pouch fitments/weld spouts

Manufacturing pouch fitments/weld spouts today calls for even greater ingenuity and adaptability in serving customers’ always expanding requirements.

At HQC Incorporated, we’ve had a situation where a customer approached us needing a Barex pouch fitment for a product using Barex film. We acquired the right material and made the Barex fitment so the business could test it.

In another recent case, we created pouch fitments/weld spouts out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from a sugar cane–based renewable source. We also supported a customer experimenting with film made of PLA, a biodegradable thermoplastic. We used the same material to make a pouch fitment that adhered with the film.

In yet another instance, we created a pouch fitment/weld spout from 100% recycled, FDA-compliant material. The material was sent to the customer sampled and tested for insertion and welding strength all within two weeks. The customer can now use 100% post-consumer material as part of their eco package.

HQC Incorporated thrives on solving manufacturing challenges that require a new style or approach for pouch fitment/weld spout designs and materials. We devote great resources to testing and research of films that will be sealed with pouch fitments/weld spouts.

Not all fitment and film materials react well together. HQC’s rigorous testing produces better fitment-film pairings with stronger seals. HQC is now working on fitment-film compatibility tests with one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturing companies. Our collaboration will give them greater confidence to promote resins for use in both pouch fitments/weld spouts and product films. They will likewise have the data they need to show the different ranges with the different materials.

Our material testing also includes the study of additives in injection-molding grades. Additives that help a fitment run quicker and eject from the mold don’t always correlate well with insertion of the fitment. HQC tests different materials to determine how these additives affect the pouch fitment/weld spout integration and strength with the different films.

Colorants present another concern as more companies look to use them. Like additives, colorants can affect a pouch fitment’s weldability as well as its seal strength. HQC tests for compatibility with colorants.

Our testing extends even further into the time it takes to insert pouch fitments/weld spouts. What we discover allows us to decrease dwell times and increase capacity so our customers can run more pouch fitments/weld spouts through their machine each hour with a fully reliable weld.

HQC leads the way for more consistent and reliable pouch fitment/weld spout products and processes. With us, customers can implement new designs and materials while proving their compatibility. Contact us at (630) 820-5550 to find out more about our capabilities with different pouch fitment/weld spout designs and materials.