Filling the Gaps in Spouted-Pouch Performance


HQC provides vital insight into pouch fitment/weld spout inserting

As a convenience to our customers, HQC has always offered manual or semi-automatic pouch fitment / weld spout inserting. This has allowed us to inspect each part of the welding process and help the customer adapt it as needed for desired results.

At the same time, our profession has evolved and the requirements for fast, efficient production have increased. In response, HQC is developing an in-house technology center where we can automatically insert fitments into existing pouches, test the procedure with extra precision and ultimately make you smarter about your product.

With our new center, you will be able to learn how a pouch fitment / weld spout should be working with your film during the correct welding process. This will equip you to spot and solve any problems well before the product is released. In turn, you’ll position your business to save time and money with your manufacturing resources.

You’ll be able to produce prototypes quickly for trial runs as well. Because the assembly and testing will be centralized, you can expedite the launch of your product.

Beyond our skill with custom pouch fitments/weld spouts, the technology center makes HQC a value-added extension of your company’s research and development. Once you’ve learned more about inserting with us, you can even choose to purchase the pouch fitment/weld spout inserting equipment and manage it with what you know.

Our capabilities have already helped businesses troubleshoot product challenges. In one case, the welded pouch fitment/weld spout failed when even light pressure was applied (a quality concern). In another, a business and its converter disagreed over which film to use to meet the product’s requirements (a cost concern).

Through HQC, both businesses arrived at the solutions they needed. In addition, each had run into product issues because of the sealing jaws during welding. For both situations, HQC custom-designed sealing jaws that improved the strength of the seal.

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