Prototype Pouches for Greater Market Impact


HQC lets you see, feel and test your spouted product before it reaches consumers

Being able to produce a quality prototype pouch is a vital pre-market advantage.

HQC learned this firsthand when a customer approached us looking for a pouch fitment. They were awaiting prototype pouches that would be sent to us for pouch fitments/weld spouts. The prototypes would then show them how their product would look on the shelf and function for customers.

Close to nine weeks passed before the pouches arrived at HQC, making timing an issue. The printing on the pouch proved to be problematic as well. Beyond being cracked, it wasn’t heat stable, making it smear. The seams also were not crisp, cut and welded.

At this point, we determined that HQC could be of great assistance. Applying our in-house resources, we created a much improved prototype pouch and now offer the service to all.

In developing a prototype, we first meet with you to review the type of film you’re using. You’ll then supply what you want to appear on the pouch, such as your company name, product instructions, and photos or other graphics.

From there, HQC will coordinate the printing of the film. We also coat it to protect it. We then cut the film to the chosen pouch shape – e.g. stand-up pouch, pillow pouch, corner-spouted pouch, center-spouted pouch.

The next step is to fold the shape, weld it and add the HQC pouch fitment. You now have an exact replica of your pending product!

Prototype pouches are ideal for both consumer focus groups and internal marketing meetings. They allow you to make important decisions and adjustments before you enter production.

Few manufacturers provide both the pouch fitment and the carefully crafted sample in the same location. Most HQC prototypes can be turned around in about four weeks. We are glad to offer this service to help your product planning and launch stay efficient.

Contact us at (630) 820-5550 for more details about how we can make your prototype a company asset.