Improving Your Products: Take Advantage of Talc-Filled Polypropylene

HQC serves you with molding, ideas and solutions for plastics with fillers and additives HQC works extensively with products containing polypropylene (PP), a thermoplastic polymer in items such as injection-molded parts, packaging and containers. Because it is a commodity plastic with low weight and density, its uses can remain limited without plastic fillers and additives […]

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Pouch Manufacturing Transferred from Overseas to the U.S.A.

ZiEn has introduced flexible packages and pouches in a market that bottles typically dominate. For this innovative transition to flexible packaging to be successful, it has to be well thought out and supported by customers and vendors alike. Steve Zimmerman, owner of ZiEn Products, believes to be truly innovating in your business it’s important to […]

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Is the Safety of Your Food or Medical Product’s Packaging a Shot in the Dark?

It’s easy enough for a company to slap a photo of someone in a white lab coat onto their website and throw around the term “compliant.” Don’t fall for such deceptions. There are a lot of different variations in phrasing regarding regulation for materials that come in contact with food and medicine, plastics among them. […]

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Pressure Washer Pump Saver & Conditioner Pouch

ZIEn, Inc. of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and HQC Inc. of Oswego Illinois co developed a unique patent pending weld spout/pouch fitment. ZIEn, Inc. is both a producer of Eco-friendly products and a co-packer, for major brands in the small engine and outdoor power equipment industry. Manufacturers find it advantageous to include items like motor oil and […]

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Make the Most of Different Pouch Materials

HQC innovation, testing and research achieve function and compatibility for wide-ranging pouch fitments/weld spouts Manufacturing pouch fitments/weld spouts today calls for even greater ingenuity and adaptability in serving customers’ always expanding requirements. At HQC Incorporated, we’ve had a situation where a customer approached us needing a Barex pouch fitment for a product using Barex film. […]

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